What is Home PNA ?

Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (Home PNA) [HPNA] has standardized a technology which allows networking of devices using the existing telephone wiring of the home.

There is no need for a central control unit in the network, but each device is required to have a Home PNA adapter. Those come either in the form of PCI cards or Ethernet to Home PNA adapters, which allow connecting a standard Ethernet device to a Home PNA network, as shown in Figure 1.

PNA Device

Figure 1. Basic home networking with Home PNA

Home PNA Version 2.0 is designed to reach up to 300 meters between any two adapters. If the network has more than two Home PNA adapters, all of the adapters must be within 300 meters of each other. The actual distance may be longer or perhaps shorter depending on the type of wire, noise conditions and topology of the telephone wiring within the home. Theoretical maximum speed of the Home PNA technology is 10 Mbps, which is quite low compared to competing previously mentioned standards.


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