Who Benefits From Spam?

We believe that the people making the big bucks are those selling spamming tips and tricks
disguised as Internet marketing how-to’s, the software companies that create spamming
products, and Internet Service Providers who support spammers. Marketing to spammers is far
more profitable than being a spammer. We’re sure there are people who have tried using
spamming techniques to market their services or products that believed they were doing the right
thing, only to discover that they compromised their business and were threatened with loosing
their Provider’s support.

One person we know personally decided to market a new affiliate program by targeting other
online businesses that supported affiliate programs on their sites. He used a software program to
harvest email addresses from his targeted market and sent his message in mass. In less than 24
hours he received a phone call from his Internet Service Provider informing him of his violation of
their Terms of Use and if he continued to send out unsolicited bulk email his account would be
terminated. He received hundreds of emails from disgruntled business owners and out of the
6,000 emails he sent, he got 30 positive responses. If you can believe it, he actually thought his
spamming experience brought results. The only reason he will never do it again is because he
doesn’t want to loose his Internet Service Provider. He gave no thought to the fact that he
alienated 5,970 potential customers. Spamming is not profitable, but selling to spammers appears
to be.


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