Integration EIB-RF technology

Communication via radio is a very promising and more and more often used in different
signal transmission systems. It is also possible to integrate EIB-RF technology with the EIB-TP
lab stand. In that purpose three devices, belonging to GIRA radio bus system, will be
utilised (see Fig. 1).

Main aim of the converter is to integrate radio bus sensors into EIB-TP system. The
converter transforms radio data telegrams into corresponding EIB-TP telegrams. The wallmounted
transmitter and the hand-held transmitter serve to wireless remote control of
receivers of the radio control system. After a press on a key (push button) transmitter sends a
radio data telegram. This telegram can be received, interpreted and proceeded by all receivers
in the radio bus system.

It is assumed that, similarly as during remote control via Internet network, radio control
transmitters will be utilised for carrying out first five laboratory exercises, which are
described at point 2.2 in detail. Special attention will be paid to distinctive features between
designing, commissioning and programming of EIB-TP and EIB-RF systems.

Fig. 1. EIB-RF devices integrated with existing EIB-TP lab installation (1 – radio control
converter, 2 – wall-mounted radio control transmitter, 3 – hand-held radio control transmitter)


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