XML Full Text Indexes

Full-text search is a common operation in document and content-centric XML applications. DB2’s existing
text search capabilities have been extended to work with the new XML column type. Full-text indexes
with awareness of XML document structures can be defined on any native XML column. The documents in an
XML column can be fully indexed or partially indexed, e.g. if it is known in advance that only a
certain part of each document will be subject to full-text search, such as a “description” or “comment”
element. Correspondingly, text search expressions can be applied to specific paths in a document.

The following statement defines a text index which fully indexes the documents in the XML column deptdoc
in our table dept in the database personneldb:

create index myIndex for text on dept (deptdoc) format xml connect to personneldb

The following query exploits this index but restricts the search to a specific element. The query
retrieves all documents where the element ‘/dept/comment’ contains the word “Brazil”:

select deptdoc from dept where
contains (deptdoc,‘sections(”/dept/comment”) “Brazil” ‘) = 1

Text search in specific parts of the documents is a critical feature for many applications. Standard
text search features are also available, such as scoring and ranking of search results as well as
thesaurus-based synonym search.

For best performance of XML insert, update, and delete operations the text index is maintained
asynchronously, i.e. not within the context of a DML transaction. However an “update index” command
is available to force synchronization of the text index.


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