E-negotiation system based on intelligent architecture

E-negotiation process model and protocol provide plausible method for negotiation systems and remove
additional activities of the system. The model with activities related to every phase presented in
“Fig.1”. Negotiation process model is formed by goal driven negotiation and requirements assigned to
agents. Based on view point, agents are able to improve their behaviors over time. In that way, they
may get better with experiences at selecting and achieving goals by taking correct actions. So agents
can take proactive and reactive negotiation actions.
Now a day’s, because in e-market there are infinite participants, exponentially growing amount of
information available, information transparency, information overloading, different negotiation
mechanism price wars between buyers and between sellers and complexity of modern business trade
, therefore intelligent agent based automated negotiation systems are hopeful technologies that
play an important role. Intelligent agents systems can adopt various mechanisms (e.g. bidding,
auction, bargaining, and arbitration), information discovery and collection, negotiator selection,
proposal generation and evaluation, play of advisor and provide effective suggestion, fully
understand of owner requirements and preferences, coordinate interdependent relationships between
various negotiations, build comprehensive user models and finally the systems can make trust between
both users. In addition, intelligent agents allow negotiator to play both roles of buyer and seller
at the same time. Our proposed design has considered the notations and results of this research show
that proposed intelligent agent architecture would reduce negotiation time and provide rapid response
for their owners. Next step, we explain the particular design of intelligent agent’s architecture.
In order to explain the architecture, first we have to illustrate types of agents employed in the
architecture and then we show buyer and seller agent architecture.

Figure 1. Negotiation process model and assigns different activities to them

Figure 2. Buyer Agent Architecture based on Intelligent Agents

Figure 3.Seller Agent Architecture based on Intelligent Agents

In purposed model, Owner profile agent is to present owner goals, and aid the negotiator deciding on
goals and strategies. In addition, agents of this type would be able to adapt to the changes based on
owner behavior in the process of negotiations. Searcher Agent is an agent that searches potential
buyers or sellers that are in other distributed environments and performs the role of managing,
querying, or collating information from many distributed sources. A simple rule matching mechanism is
developed to extract relevant negotiator information from the search results. This agent also performs
post processing for the retrieved items and gives a list of qualified buyers or sellers with the
offer. Information mediator agent would envelope in actively searching, fetching, filtering, and
delivering information relevant to the issues from market knowledge base. Also this agent type is
able to identify the objectives, preferences and strategies of the opponent. Recommender agent is
able to generate a set of likely offers to be considered for submission to the opponent. The proposed
of advisor agent is to evaluate the offers received from the opponent and provide a feedback on the
defect and, possibly benefits of these offers. Negotiator agent is responsible for negotiating with
potential buyers or sellers, with respect to the preferences that have been collected from a group of
participants. Here, the goal is to bargaining with candidate sellers or buyers for the best offer
that satisfies the most demands and preferences of group members. In addition, this agent may be
capable of conducting negotiations by itself in a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mode.
Applicability of full automation depends on the degree of certainty in objectives, preferences, and
tactics of the negotiator therefore the agent is an agent that optimizes the buyer or seller utility
based upon the requirements from owners’ requirements and constraints.Buyer or seller mediator agent
is an agent that delivers the status messages of active services between negotiators agents, and
between peer agents. In addition, this agent can play a role of an expert agent and in a sense; the
agent is an intelligent administrator agent.


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