5 Reasons Why People Spam Your Blog

No aspect of the World Wide Web is immune to spam – not even the blogosphere. No matter how strong your anti spam server is you may get hit every once and a while. Of course, the type of spam seen on personal blogs is different from the normal spam that you might be used to in the fact that instead of receiving these messages in your private inbox, they are being displayed on your blog for the entire world to see. Furthermore, the professional spammers who distribute unsolicited commercial e-mail for a living have different reasons for spamming a personal online blog versus sending unwanted junk mail into somebody’s inbox. So a bloggers need a good anti spam solutions in order to protect their blog.

#1: To advertise a website, product, or service. Perhaps the most generic reason for spamming a blog is for advertisement purposes. Through a blog it is easy to reach thousands of people every single day; this holds true for the owner of the blog as much as the ones who are spamming it.

#2: Get back links to their site. Many spammers simply leave a comment with nothing more than their website address, hoping to get as many clicks as possible.

#3: It is cheap when compared to other methods of spam. Even in the world of spam marketing, it takes money to make money – unless you’re spamming blogs, of course.

#4: The process can easily be automated to save time. Unlike some of the other spamming techniques, the entire process of spamming a blog can be automated.

#5: To collect e-mail addresses. Many times a user’s e-mail-address will be listed in their online profile, or even right alongside their post. Spammers collect these addresses in order to send them unsolicited commercial e-mail at a later time.


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